Monday, July 4, 2011

Fruit cake special

             Based on the novel The Fruitcake Special written by Frank Brennan there are two characters that  I would like write about.
             The first character is David Amos. He is an important minor character. He is the owner of Amos Cosmetics. David Amos is a dark, handsome and fashionable English man who is often seen with beautiful women. He appears polite but he actually does not think much of his workers. He is weak because he is controlled by Sabina and so offers Anna money rather than apologizing properly. David Amos is also a superficial person. He prefers the company of beautiful young models. Besides that, David Amos only speaks to his employees when he has complains.

           The second character is Sabina. She is a beautiful young model who is David Amos' girlfriend. She looks down on Anna and is furious when David professes his love for an ordinary and plain-looking girl like Anna. David and her offer compensation to Anna in the form of money to forget the whole incident at the French Restaurant. Sabina hits David hard in the face when he proclaims love for Anna. This shows that she is a hot-headed person. She is also a dominant, confident and well-spoken person. She speaks for David at Anna's last meeting with her boss in the office.

By: Lee Le Ee
      Lai Keng Jean
      Lim Li Yin

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